I've always found Headshots to be intriguing simply because as a photographer you must have

an above average skill set, know your lighting ratio hands down and be able to solicit the

look you think will please the client.  It's not enough to simply sit someone down and start

shooting different poses.  The photographer must take the time to get to know his client,

discover how the photo is going to be used, the kind of expression the client thinks is 

appropriate, and finally, what type of artwork he or she would like to have done to their have

chosen portrait.

If you are in need of a Headshot and looking for a photographer who: 1.  Knows what he is doing  

2. Will listen to you and your input.  3.  Will enable a method for you to review the proofs  4.  Will

give you honest feedback based upon years of experience.  5. Will allow you to choose a background of your choice.  and 5.Will turn your order around in the time that you need it, please give us a call.

We work on location either at your office or home and setup is approximately 45 minutes with 15

minute to one half hour session time.  The price is $ 350.00 and  if for any reason you are not happy

 with my work, I refund all of your money. If you are someone who needs top end results please give

us a call.  Thank You for your time and for your interest.


Larry Allen


Allen's Arts



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