We’ve all heard the expression that “there’s no substitute for experience” and it is a saying that endures because it speaks to a fundamental and basic truth.   With the arrival of August of this year, (2020) we will be celebrating 34 years of beingin business and truly have a wealth of invaluable experience.  


Those years passed so quickly simply because we were constantly busy living what can only be described as an amazing adventure.  We had the good fortune of making connections that enabled us to photograph some of the most important and influential people of our time.  We were equally privileged to be working for someof the most prestigious companies here in the U.S. as well as both major political parties.  


In that time we accumulated close to 500 letters of reference, business referrals,

and letters of appreciation which we are extremely proud of.  As a source of creative visual products, we have invested heavily in education.  While we began humbly as event photographers we quickly migrated to weddings so insure a survivable income.  We far surpassed “survivable” and rose to become one of the top wedding photography teams in the San Francisco Bay Area.


We eventually stopped providing wedding services with the goal of expandingour skills, improving cash flow, and getting our lives back from the 24-7, 7 days a week demand of weddings.  We moved quickly into the portrait business which has been the financial mainstay of our studio for the past 8 years.  


Over the years our portrait work has included Executives, Performing Artists, Writers, Astronauts, Athletes, Models, Doctors, Judges, and other types of what we like to call “Personal Portraits”.  It also included “Group Portraits” of both large and small sizes.  Once again, and driven by that same desire to be the best we could be, we are re-inventing ourselves to fill what we saw as the rapidly expanding market of digital art.


My experience and my education are in art and within that very large market space there are countless niches of artistic expression and of those, “Compositing” has become my chosen endeavor.  Composite work is the artistic process of combining two or more images to create a totally unique image. You’ve seen this type of work for years in advertisements and in marketing and it is very much an artistic endeavor that brings me full circle in my career.   


So I would like to invite you to enjoy our galleries of images and we hope that you will let us know if we can be of service to you with both your questions and your orders.  Thank you for dropping by at Allen’s Arts and we look forward to hearing from you.

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