Props Ready For Sale

We closed our physical studio several years ago and we've been storing these props ever since.  I've tried to price them as "a dime on the dollar" so hopefully they will move fast.  If you have any interest please give us a call or simply place your order through our E-Commerce System.  Thank You.

Large Arch and Flyouts-EXAMPLE.jpg
Big Arch-Front & Back.jpg
Large Arch as Foreground.jpg
Big Arch-Sample-Family.jpg
Two Plastic Columns.jpg
Plastic Antiqued Column.jpg
Fern in an Urn copy.jpg
Wicker Swing.jpg
Wicker Swing copy.jpg
Baby Bath Tub.jpg
Baby Bath Tub Sample.jpg
Authentic Baby Scale.jpg
Sample-Authentic Baby Scale.jpg
Sail Boad and Dock Pileings.jpg
Wooden Boat-SAMPLE.jpg
Picket Fence with Planters copy.jpg
White Picket Fence Sample.jpg
Suit Cases copy.jpg
Suit Cases Sample.jpg
Carosel Horse.jpg
Posing Blocks.jpg
Posing Boxes Construction.jpg
Studio Props and Equipment124.png
Wooden Wheelbarrow copy.jpg
Treasure Chest.jpg
Studio Props and Equipment262.png
Studio Props and Equipment186.png
Studio Props and Equipment242.png
Three Children's Posing Stools.jpg
Child's Posing Chair.jpg
Studio Props and Equipment227.png
Studio Props and Equipment172.png
Directors Chair copy.jpg
Studio Props and Equipment260.png
Studio Props and Equipment258.png
Father Christmas Wardrobe-01.jpg
Father Christmas-02 copy.jpg